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NFS mostwanted problem on playing LAN. Host recives eroor

Jun 14, 2008 · i want to play nfs most wanted on both of laptop by using lan cable? help me..? when i connected the lan cable. on both the laptops it show the connected. i have … How to play NFS Most Wanted multiplayer using WiFi - Quora Yes you can. All you have to do is create a wifi hotspot and ask the users to connect to that hotspot. Assign an ip address to each user by going to network and sharing center --> change adapter settings --> Right Click on Wireless network connect NFS most wanted and hamachi | TechPowerUp Forums Aug 23, 2012 · Hi all, me and my friend want to play most wanted through hamachi,he has a weak pc thats why this game is the only option. i tried setting up it in many ways,but was not successful,even used MW-hamachi v2.4. LAN Problems in NFS most wanted? | Yahoo Answers Aug 17, 2008 · I have a LAN between a laptop and a PC. In NFS MW, I can even establish a LAN server by changing the server cfg. file. But I can't join with the host when i try to join, there's a message of "connecting" for a while and then it says "you have lost the LAN connection" or something like that What's wrong anyway.. btw.. I'm using a 1.3 patch and my game is a crack version but I've heard

i want to play nfs most wanted on both of laptop by using

How to set up multiplayer LAN games (like CS, NFSMW, DOTA This answer is directed towards setting up a LAN network in Windows. #1. Connect the two computers using a LAN cable, if you have more than two computers then you need a device called a switch or you could use your broadband modem as one. A switc NFS MW Problem with LAN and Multiplayer - BanglaGamer Nov 17, 2011 · HI guys, some of you should already know that my pc configuration is way too low to run most games I want to play. However, luckily Need For Speed Most Wanted runs pretty well on both my desktop and laptop (although from its later sequel, Pro Street, I'm outta luck :( ). Now I wanted to play with my brother via LAN. But I failed. Here's what happened: I connected both laptops, configured the System hangs when nfs connection is lost Oct 06, 2015 · If it's down when I start my desktop, everything works properly. Unless the server comes alive, the nfs directories are mounted and the connection is lost again. I'm not really sure if this is a networking case, it could also be KDE related, but I figured this was the most reasonable place to put my topic in. My hardware: linux-bbdu:~ # lspci

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